Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please call us at 713.941.1082 or contact us via our website.

Do You Take Insurance?

YES! We are credentialed with most vision and health insurance plans, and are busy finalizing our credentialing for a few others. Please call us at 713-941-1082 to inquire if we are in your network.


What if I Can’t Make it to My Appointment?

We understand that your schedule can change, so please give us a call to let us know if you will not be able to make it to your scheduled appointment. Failure to inform us that you will not be able to make your appointment will result in a $25 fee per our No Show Policy, which will be billed to your account. You are will be considered a no show if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment. This can be easily avoided by simply calling us to let us know that you need to reschedule or that you are delayed.


Glasses and Contacts are Expensive. What if I can't afford them?

We offer easy financing through CareCredit credit cards. You can apply online or while you are in the office for 0% financing to pay your balance over time with no interest. Apply online at


It’s Been a Year. Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

Annual eye exams are important to ensure the health of your eyes and the best possible vision. Since many eye and vision disorders present no obvious symptoms, early diagnosis and treatment are vital to maintaining healthy eyes. If you have a history of eye, vision or certain health conditions, Dr. Clyde may suggest more frequent visits. If you are a contact lens wearer, you will need to come in for an appointment in order to obtain a new prescription before you can reorder contacts. For both glasses and contacts, your prescription is valid for one year from the date it was written.


Will You Dilate My Eyes?

You should plan to have your eyes dilated during your visit. Dr. Clyde requires all patients whom he has not seen before to be dilated either during their initial visit or during a follow up. Dilation allows us to do a more thorough examination on the health of your eyes in order to rule out any serious health problems such as diabetes or cancer, and often can help us determine that we are giving you the proper prescription. We recommend having your eyes dilated each year during your annual exam. There is no additional charge for dilation.


Why Do You Need to Know About Systemic Health Conditions?

Many systemic conditions (and medications to treat those conditions), can affect the eyes. If we don’t have all pertinent information available, it is like looking at one piece of a puzzle and trying to guess what the remaining pieces might be. During your visit, we will ask you for a thorough health history for both yourself and your immediate family members.


When Should My Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

We see children as young as infancy, and recommend your child be seen within their first year. Early eye exams are particularly important for children because without properly functioning vision, a child’s ability to learn can be severely impeded.


I Injured My Eye. What Should I Do?

If your injury is not life threatening, give us a call to schedule an emergency visit or walk in during business hours for immediate analysis and treatment. If you need urgent care during non business hours, please dial 911 or head to your nearest emergency room. If you receive treatment at an urgent care facility, we recommend you still make an appointment at our office as soon as possible after your injury.