Summer Time Means More Screen Time and More Sun Time!

As Houston heats up, school is out, and kids are spending more time at home, I wanted to share my thoughts on the most harmful summertime habits for kids. Both the increased amount of time kids spend in front of a screen and the more time they spend playing outside create risk factors that are easily addressed with the right eye wear. So far this summer, my kids have loved playing Mine Craft and Row Blocks and watching Netflix. Soon though, it's time to send them outside to play in the sun, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, or visiting the neighborhood pool. But all of these activities come with risks to the eyes, and it's important to know the risk factors and how to combat them. Just as we make sure our kids wear sunscreen to protect their skin, so there are great ways to protect their eyes all summer long.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Kids spend more time looking at screens during the summer, whether it be on TV's, tablets, computers, or phones, and it is important to protect their eyes with so much screen time. Did you know that any kind of back lit device emits a spectrum of blue light radiation that is not healthy for the human eye? This radiation can lead to increased eye strain which can cause headaches, fatigue, and dry eye. To help reduce the impact of this harmful radiation, we suggest blue light blocking lens treatments on glasses, especially for kids. This technology reduces the blue light radiation that hits the eye. Blue light blocking lenses are also important for adults who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, but in 2018, when more and more children are spending extended periods of time on devices, this technology could mean the difference between healthy eyes vs. a lifetime of problems for kids.


Keeping your kids in sunglasses while they are having fun in the sun is  the best way to keep their young eyes protected from harmful UV light. UV exposure is known to increase progression of cataracts, pinguecula, pterygium, and macular degeneration. Young eyes are often even more sensitive to this light. This summer, my two boys are in soccer, and one was experiencing headaches during the game. A pair of glasses with transition lenses with UV protection did the trick, and made sure that his eyes are protected. More important is to be careful about the type of sunglasses you purchase. Be sure to purchase sunglasses from a trusted source to ensure that they have UV protection. Cheap sunglasses at a discount store will actually do more harm than good, causing the eye to dilate and actually take on MORE harmful UV light. And you can never go wrong with polarized lenses.

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